La vagina: quesiti clinici e bisogni terapeutici disattesi

La vagina: quesiti clinici e bisogni terapeutici disattesi

Alessandra Grazziottin1,2 – Orcid

1 – Fondazione Alessandra Graziottin per la cura del dolore nella donna Onlusa

2 – Direttrice del Centro di Ginecologia e Sessuologia Medica, H. San Raffaele Resnati, Milano

DOI: 10.53146/lriog1202116


This monograph was meant to share with colleagues a cultural, scientific and clinical perspective that is stimulating and of immediate impact for daily gynecological practice. In detail, we will analyze the sensitivity to many hormones and the close correlations between endocrine and sexual health; the factors that influence the variability of the vaginal ecosystem and in particular of the microbiota; the essential role of the pathogen biofilm that covers the mucosa and colonizes the vaginal environment and their correlation with vulnerability to sexually transmitted diseases. We then move on to the analysis of the vulnerability to birth trauma and iatrogenic damage; the evaluation of the correlation between vaginal health and pelvic floor tone up to the correlation of specific factors with vulnerability to sexual abuse.

Keywords: vagina; microbiota; hormonal sensitivity; sexual health.

Presente in LRIOG Nr.2 – 2021

e-ISSN: 1824-0283

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