Pelvic floor dysfunction: role of proctologist and rehabilitator

Pelvic floor dysfunction: role of proctologist and rehabilitator

Simone OrlandiOrcid, Daniela Sorrentino2

1 – Proctologist Surgeon and Medical Director at the Digestive Endoscopy Department of the Sacro Cuore Don Calabria Hospital, Negrar (VR)

2 – Pelvic floor therapist at Sacro Cuore Diagnostic Therapeutic Center, Verona

Corresponding Author: Simone Orlandi. Daniela Sorrentino,

DOI: 10.53146/lriog1202138


The importance of pelvic floor evaluation and rehabilitation is now recognized in the scientific world. In particular, pelvic pain, proctological and sexual dysfunctions are often present in women with endometriosis, strongly affecting their quality of life. Knowing the symptoms, related disorders and sharing the patients taken in care among the specialists, allows to better clarify the clinical picture, improve the therapeutic path and help to give a new self vision.

Keywords: pelvic floor dysfunctions; endometriosis; pelvic floor overactive; chronic pelvic pain.

Available in LRIOG Nr.3 – 2021

e-ISSN: 1824-0283

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