LRIOG N.2 2021

In this issue:

Original article

The vagina: clinical questions and unfulfilled therapeutic needs

Alessandra Grazziottin

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120216 Abstract

The vagina as an endocrine organ: clinical implications

Linda Vignozzi, Sarah Cipriani, Elisa Maseroli, Irene Scavello, Vincenza Di Stasi, Ilaria Cellai, Sandra Filippi, Paolo Comeglio

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120217 Abstract

The vagina, a sensual and erotic organ: anatomofunctional evidence

Emmanuele A. Jannini, Fiorenza Pesce

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120218 Abstract

The vagina and its microbiota (resident and dynamic)

Francesco De Seta, Gabriella Zito, Giuseppe Ricci, Simona Franz

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120219 Abstract

The vagina, oncological target: VaIN and therapeutic strategies

Francesco Sopracordevole, Nicolò Clemente, Anna del Fabro

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120220 Abstract

The pelvic floor: common elements of the physiotherapy and gynecological evaluation

Arianna Bortolami

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120221 Abstract

The vagina: emerging evidence on the anti-inflammatory role of testosterone

Linda Vignozzi, Elisa Maseroli, Ilaria Cellai, Sandra Filippi, Paolo Comeglio, Sarah Cipriani, Irene Scavello, Giulia Rastrelli, Margherita Frison, Mario Maggi

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120222 Abstract

The vagina: therapeutic role of prasterone

Linda Vignozzi, Irene Scavello, Elisa Maseroli, Vincenza di Stasi, Sarah Cipriani

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120223 Abstract

The vagina: therapeutic role of ospemifene

Novella Russo

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120224 Abstract

The vagina: therapeutic role of estrogens

Anna Maria Paoletti, Manuela Neri

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120225 Abstract

Gonorrhea a threatening infection in gynecology and obstetrics

Alessandra Graziottin, Elena Boero, Chiara Limongi

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120226 Abstract

Chronic vulvar pain, recurrent candidiasis and familial diabetic risk.
Critical factors emerged from the VuNet on 1183 women – Part II

Alessandra Graziottin, Dania Gambini, Elena Boero, Filippo Murina, ricercatori del Gruppo VuNet

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120227 Abstract

Quarterly magazine: Nr.2 – 2021

e – ISSN: 1824 – 0283

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LRIOG N.1 2021

In this issue:


Greetings from the Editor-in-Chief

Tito Silvio Patrelli

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120211 Abstract

Original Article

Androgens and genitourinary syndrome of the menopause.
Why, when and for whom they could be indicated

Alessandra Graziottin

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120212 Abstract

Vulvar condilomatosis

Roberto Senatori

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120213 Abstract

Extramammary paget’s disease of the vulva (EMPDV), this unknown

Francesco Sopracordevole, Nicolò Clemente, Anna del Fabro

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120214 Abstract

Vulvar pain and diagnosis of comorbidities – Key factors from the Vu-Net study on 1183 cases – part 1

Alessandra Graziottin, Dania Gambini, Filippo Murina e i ricercatori del Gruppo Vu-Net

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120215 Abstract

Clitoris: target of many vulvar diseases

Pietro Lippa, Federica Frascani

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120216 Abstract

Bartholini’s gland cysts

Franco Anglana, Michela Angelucci

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120217 Abstract

Lichen sclerosus

Paolo Inghirami, Roberto Senatori

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120218 Abstract

COVID: related cutaneous and mucosal lesions, focus on vulvar and perineal area

Gabriella Fabbrocini, Luigi Gallo

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120219 Abstract

Genital filler: the 5 Ws –What, Who, Where, When, Why?

Elena Fasola

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog1202110 Abstract

Vulvar herpes: clinics and therapy

Stefano Astorino

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog1202111 Abstract

Syphils: why the disease is more insidious in women

Alessandra Graziottin, Elena Boero

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog1202112 Abstract

Staphylococcus aureus vulvitis: an insidious infection that stresses the importance of appropriate intimate hygiene

Alessandra Graziottin, Elena Boero

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog1202113 Abstract

Critical Review

Regenerative vulvo-vaginal laser: when, how and why

Filippo Murina

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog1202114 Abstract


Vulvar and perivulvar infection of bacterial pathogenesis

Paola Salzano

PDF DOI:10.53146/LRIOG1202115 Abstract

Quarterly magazine: Nr.1 – 2021
e – ISSN: 1824 – 0283

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