LRIOG 2021-1

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Greetings from the Editor-in-Chief

Tito Silvio Patrelli

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120211 Abstract

Original article

Androgens and genitourinary syndrome of the menopause. Why, when and for whom they could be indicated

Alessandra Graziottin

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120212 Abstract

Vulvar condilomatosis

Roberto Senatori

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120213 Abstract

Extramammary paget’s disease of the vulva (EMPDV), this unknown

Francesco Sopracordevole, Nicolò Clemente, Anna del Fabro

PDF DOI:10.53146/lriog120214 Abstract

Quarterly magazine: Nr.1 – 2021

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